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Offers T&C

Offers T&C

  • General Terms are applicable to all promotions.
  • Coupons cannot be replaced if emails are deleted by the claimant.
  • A coupon cannot be applied to bookings previously placed with Quovai.
  • Target offer or coupon cannot be combined with any other Offers.
  • The coupon is not necessarily valid for all periods of the year. There may be periods, particularly during the seasons, for which the coupon may not be usable.
  • Give a gift coupon code register email address Received after completing your order.
  • Coupon code generated will be your first order total amount 10% used for your next order.
  • Coupon validation 1 year.
  • Coupon used for same email address account on

Parcel Packing Details

A short video of the parcel and packing has been sent to your registered email after shipping, by Get GSM delivery team. 

You can bring to our notice if you find any discrepancies in the products or packing, to serve you better.

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